Diversity & Inclusion

At SW, our clients operate across the globe and our people reflect this diversity. Our people come from many different walks of life and cultural backgrounds and we thrive with this diversity.

In November 2018 we conducted our two year Engagement Pulse survey, with 80% of our people responding to provide us with insight into the diversity and inclusion of our firm. 

90% feel the firm provides an inclusive environment

Other key figures include:


  • 50.5% identified as female

  • 49.5% identified as male


  • 26 different ethnicities were identified

  • 88% of staff identified as Australian or Chinese and the remaining 22% were a mix from Europe & UK, Africa, Asia and Oceania

  • 35 people identified with more than 1 ethnicity


  • 28 languages are spoken (other than English) 

  • 69 people are able to provide translation assistance

  • 25% of our people speak conversational Mandarin as a minimum