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Complete Tax Solutions

SW has been developing practical tax publications and software solutions for more than two decades. We are highly product and results orientated. Further, we have a distinguished track record in delivering reliable, robust and cutting edge tax software solutions to entities in a diverse range of industries.

We have over 80 years history acting as auditors, accountants and tax advisors for domestic and multinational groups doing business all around the world. We have combined our years of expertise in tax compliance and advisory and software engineering to continuously produce a portfolio of Complete Tax Solutions (CTS) products.

CTS is used by private, large and listed groups in Australia. Our software products are used by hundreds of tax professionals (including those in professional services firms and in industry) nationally. 


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The CTS suite of products



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What do clients have to say about CTS?

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Saves Valuable Time

“We use it for statutory accounts and also local monthly reporting… With a business as usual month end our consolidated tax calculation is completed in 15 minutes!”

“Rollover of previous year's balances – saves considerable time and ensures that balances are transferred accurately…”

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“… The flexibility of the package would make the software suitable for large and small practices in addition to large corporates who prepare their returns in-house…”

“Being able to use the same software for both the tax reporting and tax return preparation process eliminated duplication… The transition was hassle free…” 

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Empowers Your Tax Team

“… CTS allows me to quickly access job progress in the event of a client enquiry and ensure that my schedules are met…”

“Using CTS to bring the tax reporting process in-house has empowered management and provided us with greater control of the tax reporting and compliance tasks…”

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Friendly Support Team

“CTS support staff have been warm, friendly and efficient…”

“We also found the CTS helpline team to be responsible, professional and helpful…”

“It is pleasing that the support extends all the way to the top and comes inclusive in the price of the software…”

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“CTS is developed using an Excel platform which makes it easy to learn, navigate and customise where required…”

“Being Excel, our staff were familiar with the layout and capabilities from the start…”

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Regular Software Enhancements

“We have also found ShineWing Australia helpful in developing CTS each year to satisfy any additional requirements we might have both internal and external to the business…”

CTS Team

If you would like a demonstration of any of the above CTS products, or have any tax queries, please reach out to our CTS team.

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