CTS ETP Calculator 



CTS ETP Calculator

Has COVID-19 impacted your organisation? Are you downsizing your workforce? Have you considered how redundancies will affect the organisation?

CTS ETP Calculator can help reduce the stress and simplify exit calculations for your organisation.

CTS ETP Calculator is a robust software solution which can process thousands of exit calculations at a time, seamlessly integrating with outputs generated by your HR and payroll system. These features will save your HR and Tax team a considerable  amount of time and eliminate the risk of human error.

The calculator boasts the following functionality:

  • Customisable for company specific termination rules to calculate the termination payout amount

  • Company specific annual leave, sick leave, long service leave and RDO rules to calculate the various components of the payout to the employee on termination

  • Calculation of PAYG withholding tax components on each component of the payout

  • Concise employee report that can be provided to each employee to advise their after tax payout amount

  • Summary report that can be used to forecast the overall cost of terminating employees.

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