CTS for Trusts



CTS for Trusts

Designed by SW - leading providers of tax services to the funds management industry. CTS for Trusts offers an end-to-end tax solution for the listed AREITs, large investment funds or a small group of retail funds.

CTS for Trusts has the following features:

  • Preparation of tax distribution calculations

  • Thinking done for you using CTS workpapers which include:

    • Under/overs

    • Loss recoupment

    • Blackhole 

    • Capital allowance

    • Capital works

  • Preparation of Trust tax return

  • Electronic lodgement of the tax return and schedules via the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) portal

  • Rollover from prior year CTS files

  • Rollup from subsidiaries (Trusts to AMITs or AMITs to Trusts).

Best of all, the existing features from our trusted CTS products are still there (and improved) including:

  • Automation of tax adjustments directly from the trial balance

  • Preparation of tax distribution calculations

  • Integration with Excel workpapers (including advanced auto-link functionality)

  • Bulk trial balance upload for large groups

  • Fast and user-friendly interface

  • Audit report to help track reviewed numbers and queries from one convenient location

  • Easy-to-use structure for flowing distributions from Trusts or AMITs up to the head level

  • Desktop, network and cloud options.

Want to find out more? 

If you would like a demonstration or have any further questions about CTS for Trusts, our fund experts would be happy to discuss. Simply click here to email our CTS team and a team member will be in touch with you within the next business day.