Other CTS offerings



Other CTS offerings

CTS International Dealings Schedule

CTS (IDS) simplifies the compilation of international related party dealings data. It generates the International Dealings Schedule for lodgement or transposition to your tax software. If you use the CTS tax returns products, you can also benefit from their integration with CTS (IDS).

CTS Tax Consolidation

CTS (Tax Consolidation) is designed to assist with your Allocable Cost Amount (ACA) calculations. The various steps and prompts highlight the key adjustments to make when making performing the ACA calculations.

CTS REAL - Transfer pricing risk evaluator

CTS REAL is a transfer pricing risk evaluator developed by SW specifically for multinational companies.

Using CTS REAL our Tax experts will perform a health check on your overseas related loans to:

  • assess the transfer pricing risks

  • understand the expected ATO approach

  • identify ways to mitigate risk where required.

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