Migration & concierge

Migration services

The decision to migrate is one that requires considerable time and effort, combined with a myriad of personal considerations - be that property, investments and assets or family, schooling and employment.

Our advisers include experts across Australian migration, education, property, business, tax and accounting - offering you an integrated migration experience.

As migration advisors, we advise both individuals, companies and migration agents to assist with visa applications as well as compliance obligations, providing expert advice on tax and asset structuring opportunities for individuals.

Our relationship-driven approach ensures our advice is focused on both personal goals and compliance requirements to minimise global tax risk.

Family office services

Offering a range of Family Office services, particularly those with maturing Significant Investor Visas (SIVs), we assist with and provide advice on wealth management, family structuring, asset allocation, investment selection, back office management and estate planning.

Our experience and industry knowledge is essential in making sure clients are aware of ongoing changes in financial
requirements and structuring. And that their wishes for family and wealth management are met.

Wealth management

Holding our own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL), we are able to access all products available on the market for which we either receive independent research on, do our own research or, in many circumstances, both.

Over the past 30 years we have provided wealth management services to our clients, from advice to small investors all the way through to complex advice, structures and strategies for Ultra High Net Worth Clients.

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