Shipping & logistics

Key industry statistics*

  • 97.6bn

    revenue in 2021

  • 2.6%

    annual growth to $111.2bn revenue in 2026

  • 47.8%

    of logistics in Australia for 2021 has been road freight transport

    *IBISWorld industry overview

Shipping & logistics

Our team understands the opportunities and challenges facing the shipping & logistics sector in Australia, given our significant client experience.

The strength of the Australia dollar continues to influence the cost of internationally sourced products, increasing and decreasing the purchasing power of wholesalers as it fluctuates.

As industry margins are small, operators must maintain strong cashflow and minimise operating costs to be successful. An auditor who understands the key risks, which we have identified on the following page, means you will receive a clear and concise picture of your financial position, and any potential risks will be identified and proactively addressed for your business.

Productivity in wholesale and distribution sector is forecast to increase with consolidation and investment into new technology such as automation process and tracking abilities.

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