International Cool Climate Wine Show 2022

SW is proud to sponsor the International Cool Climate Wine Show, the southern hemisphere’s foremost show for inspirational cool climate wines. Celebrating it’s 20th show, the International Cool Climate Wine Show (ICCWS) attracts more than 700 wines from around the world. The ICCWS is an opportunity to taste and network with wine retailers, restauranteurs, sommeliers, […]


Agriculture and its associated business sector, plays a significant role in the Australian economy with our proximity to Asian economies of scale, and extensive free trade agreements across the globe. There is also significant international investment interest across the whole agricultural supply chain.   We understand the challenges you face as a company operating in the agribusiness sector and can leverage our experience as a leading provider of audit, tax and […]

Spotlight | Wine Tourism – The Great Reopening

Seize the opportunity as lockdowns ease and the new normal begins. Hear amazing consumer behavioural insights, ways to maximise the long run benefits of the tourism surge and support programs to assist. With a national plan in place to transition Australia’s National COVID-19 Response to allow visits to regional areas, plus the festive season fast […]

Spotlight | Export Market Development Grants Webinar

Co-hosted with Wine Australia and tailored for the wine sector, our experts: Explore what the EMDG is Discuss how the EMDG is structured and who is eligible Provide practical tips via Q&A. Your guides online Stuart Barclay General Manager – Marketing, Wine Australia Sam Morris Director, SW Thomas Demel Senior Manager, SW Contact us If you […]

Spotlight | Wine Export Diversification Webinar

The wine sector has been hit hard by the pandemic and changing global trade measures. We’ll be exploring the issues and opportunities for exporters of Australian Wine with real life scenarios, war stories from experts and no cliches! Our experts from South Korea, Japan and India: Explore the latest in the Australian Wine landscape with […]

Grant alert: Wine Tourism and Cellar Door Grants

Annual grants of up to $100,000 are available to eligible wine and cider producers who foster wine tourism. The Wine Tourism and Cellar Door Grant program has been introduced to support producers who add value by encouraging visitors to wine regions and therefore encourage wine tourism. For each financial year, total funding of $10 million […]

GRANT ALERT: Wine Growth Fund

The Wine Growth Fund aims to develop and sustainably grow the wine industry in Victoria by providing grants to build both domestic and international markets. The Fund supports a range of activities including marketing, exporting, tourism, business development and infrastructure projects. What is on offer? Grants up to a maximum of $20,000 are available to […]