Our culture

Our firm’s purpose and network is unique.

Building a career at SW will see you join a hardworking and friendly team that values creating opportunities for our people and our clients. Create your own individual story and become a part of ours.

Our values

Our values are at the very heart of our firm and guide the way we interact within our firm’s teams, with our clients, and the manner in which we interact and engage with you.

Own it | Love your work | Share the load | Embrace the ride | Open doors

Social club

Our dedicated social club coordinates a range of events to fill up your social calendar. This committee is employee led and the events cater to all tastes whether it be social drinks and trivia to the Annual Ball, which is a big crowd pleaser!

Corporate Social Responsibility: Co2 Committee

Creating Opportunities Together

At SW, we are committed to giving back to our community and have an established Co2 Committee who drive our dedicated CSR initiatives. We encourage representatives from all levels, divisions and locations to get involved and make a difference to an area that matters to them most!

Currently we are active in supporting a range of charities and activities such as:

  • Cancer Council
  • CEO Sleepout
  • Fitted for Work
  • Liptember
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation
  • Red Cross Blood Donations
  • Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal
  • Movember

Vinnies CEO Sleepout

Since participating in 2017, our people have raised over $185,000 in donations for this great cause. A significant portion of people experiencing homelessness are elderly, with a 28% increase in Australians aged 55+ experiencing homelessness between 2011 and 2016.


Health & wellness

For the past three consecutive years, when surveyed, all staff have nominated mental health as the number one priority for our firm’s engagement and corporate social responsibility focus.

Our C02 group activates and promotes corporate social responsibility. During our mental health quarter from September to December each year we are involved in: RU OK Day?, Liptember (Women’s Mental Health), Mental Health Month (Walks, Mindfulness and meditation, Coffee breaks) and Movember.


R U OK Day?

We participate in R U OK Day each year to raise awareness of mental health and the important of asking each other and our staff. This involves running an initiative that encourages our staff to spend time together.

This has included a cookies and conversation morning tea in each of our offices, a free coffee at the local café to encourage staff to leave the office and talk with their colleagues and recognising the day to raise awareness via internal communications.

Learning & development

At SW we are passionate about building the capabilities of our people and supporting their career growth.

BOLD framework

Our tailored learning framework BOLD (Building Our Leadership and Development) framework clarifies behaviour and capability expectations of our employees at every level. Our programs are purpose built and tailored to our people, their profession and their personal interests.


Our BOLD Capability & Development Framework is used to support:​

  • Lateral and campus recruitment endeavours​
  • Performance appraisal processes​
  • The identification the requirements for your role​
  • Focussed learning & development activities including encouraging you to take more responsibility for your own development, and​
  • Talent management efforts which help prepare our leaders for success​​.

CA Program

Your CA is our CA – as part of our Graduate program, we pay for incoming Grads to complete your CA and provide you with the required study leave.

LinkedIn Learning

E-learning is becoming a great choice for many of us – we can choose the time and place of our learning and learn at a pace that suits our commitments, both at work and at home. We encourage our people to engage in new thinking and tools as a positive way to break up their day and bring fresh ideas and thoughts to day-to-day work.


We love to get our social on and celebrate the big and the small moments that matter. Each office has its own unique identity and ways of engaging whether it be a themed end of month drinks, breakfast club or specific divisional get-together that celebrate the end of the busy season or a new client win.


We continue to support work-life balance and recognise that our people have busy lives outside of work. As an employee benefit the firm provides two additional paid days off each year for our people to enjoy.

Mental wellbeing at work

Our firm has a very strong focus on mental health and ensuring that we provide resources for our people so that they feel supported and heard. We participate in numerous mental health related initiatives, such as R U OK? Day, Liptember & Movemeber and staff events for National Mental Health Month.


This year we partnered with The Resilience Project to share an online Wellbeing Series created to support our staff’s mental and physical health. This short series of webinars and resources demonstrated to our people the importance of empathy, mindfulness and gratitude to name a few. In light of COVID-19, these workshops have delivered some powerful messages to our people.


Our hard work and dedication has been recognised by our clients in the beaton Client Choice Awards for the past four years. We have also been recognised for delivering award winning intern and graduate program in each of the past four years.

beaton Client Choice Awards

Finalist Best Accounting Firm 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021

Finalist Most Innovative Firm 2020 & 2021

GradConnection & AFR Top 100 Graduate Employers

Listed in the top 100 in 2018, 2019 & 2020

Top Intern Program

Ranked in the top 10 for 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 (AAGE)

Top Graduate Employers

Ranked in the top 35 in 2017, 2019, 2020 & 2021 (AAGE)


Article Australia-India: removal of double taxation of offshore technical services The Australian Government has released draft legislation to remove the double taxation of technical services provided remotely by Indian businesses (offshore services) to customers in Australia. In April 2022, the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (AIECTA) was signed to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, facilitate bilateral trade and create opportunities for workers […] 18/08/2022
Events Emerging Property Fund Managers series Developing tomorrow’s leaders today For the sixth year, we deliver an interactive 5-part seminar series to aspiring and emerging leaders in the Property Fund Management sector, with direct access to leading industry experts and their experience, strategic industry insights and pitfalls, and key issues ranging from structuring, debt and equity through to legal and compliance. […] 17/08/2022
Mandarin 显赫投资者签证基金 – 合规审计 2015年移民(IMMI 15/100:合规投资)工具》中关于SIV基金合规资产的规定最近发生了几项变化,其中包括要求基金接受审计,以确定是否满足合规投资框架。 从2021年7月1日起,SIV合规基金的基金经理需要任命一名外部审计师,每年按照合规投资框架对基金进行审计,包括新兴公司部分和平衡投资部分。 基金经理和移民代理也将了解到,显赫投资者类别和投资者类别签证的申请人必须按照合规投资框架进行资金投资。 根据《2015年移民(IMMI 15/100:合规投资)工具》的规定,内政部最近对相关要求做出了一些修改,其中包括对合规资产的修改,以及对合规投资框架中的新兴公司部分和平衡投资部分进行年度合规审计。 SIV申请人–您需要做什么? 所有在2021年7月1日之后获提名申请显赫投资者签证或投资者签证的申请人都要在其签证申请中附上审计报告,以证明在截至2022年6月30日的一年中以及往后每一年,他们所投资的基金符合合规投资框架的规定。基金经理将提供这些文件。 在没有合规性审计报告的情况下,签证申请被批准的可能性非常小。 SIV基金经理和移民代理——您需要了解什么? 受影响一方 说明 基金经理 基金经理需每年任命一名审计师,对其基金是否满足合规投资框架的规定进行审计。 移民代理 移民代理将成为签证申请人和基金经理之间的沟通渠道,以确保签证申请人办齐所有必要的文件,让签证获得批准。 签证申请人 签证申请人需提交其所投资的所有新兴公司和平衡投资基金的年度审计报告。这项要求将一直持续到其获得永久居留权为止。 信永中和澳大利亚如何帮助您 在我们与整个行业的基金经理广泛合作的基础上,信永中和澳大利亚的专业审计团队完全了解签证申请人、移民代理和基金经理的适用审计要求,并拥有丰富的相关审计工作经验。 我们的SIV基金审计服务为SIV合规基金提供高效率且有实效的审计,以确保这些基金符合《2015年移民(IMMI 15/100:合规投资)工具》所规定的新兴公司和平衡投资部分。 请联系本事务所的SIV审计专家穆芮内和艾汝谧咨询。 基金管理领域的税务专家包括: 池澜滨、谭赛蒙、欧斯迪 17/08/2022
Article Proposed changes to Australia’s thin capitalisation rules The Government proposes to amend Australia’s existing thin capitalisation rules to limit interest deductions for multinational enterprises. Our modelling indicates one in four multinational enterprises (MNE’s) could be negatively affected by the changes. These amendments are part of a consultation paper released by the Treasury in line with the Government’s commitment to address tax avoidance […] 17/08/2022