International support

International support

As part of our international service offering, our team can assist with everything from international tax issues for businesses and individuals, global mobility requirements, market entry entity structuring, foreign supplier and partner due diligence, local regulatory and accounting & tax support and international trade and payment structuring.

With our leading expertise in Hong Kong, Macau and the broader Greater Bay Area and China mainland, our team can work with you to open up opportunities into Asia and globally, by guiding you on key elements required to execute your plans and ensure real outcomes.

Our services include the following:

  • Australian expats with local and Australian tax / accounting / investment advice
  • tax return preparation in Hong Kong and Australia, and advice on structuring your tax affairs prior to repatriation to Australia
  • Hong Kong, Macau and Chinese nationals with Australian investment and tax advice, including due diligence on acquisitions and tax return preparation in Australia.  We can also assist with migration requirements.
  • Australian businesses with entry to the Hong Kong and China markets
  • business entity establishment advice / structuring
  • due diligence on business partners / suppliers
  • structuring of your international trade and optimising your chances of getting paid
  • structuring of your international tax affairs
  • transfer pricing advisory and compliance
  • ongoing financial report preparation and regulatory compliance in China
  • investment, mergers and acquisitions advisory services.

We also support ‘Family Office’ clients in Hong Kong, Macau and the broader Greater Bay Area (GBA) with consolidated reporting on their investments in the currency they want, regardless of the various currencies their investments are held in, bringing all of their disparate reports from different wealth managers with whom they have investment mandates into one consolidated dashboard that shows them exposure by sector and returns by sector and manager.

With business leaders facing unprecedented challenges, our International support team can help you develop and execute a purposeful strategy that will provide tangible results for your business. Due to the enormous growth opportunity offered by Asian and Chinese markets, there has been a marked increase in businesses trying to learn how these markets can support their strategy. Whether this to be:

  • access cheaper inputs to reduce their supply chain costs
  • establish online and physical distribution channels for your exports
  • access equity capital or debt capital to grow your business
  • look at business establishment opportunities.

International support Services