Business advisory

Business advisory

We understand the nuances for a start-up on a growth journey and have a full service offering to support you.

Our team have specialised capabilities for every step of your journey, with long-term experience working with both high-growth businesses and successful entrepreneurs.

Our business advisory team will work with:

  • to ensure your IP is secure
  • your regulatory compliance is in place for your chosen sector
  • you have a solid business plan that is practical, includes all required areas including marketing and budgets
  • assist with a supportive network of advisors
  • work with our R&D team to put in place an appropriate structure and have the right financial substantiation in place to access R&D and other tax incentives
  • work through the process of appropriate business software to support your growth requirements
  • work with you to build your KPIs and margins, with transparency of expenditure
  • engage with potential investors or future board members
  • when required, work through your exit strategy
  • act as a mentor/coach on your journey and ask you the critical questions along your entire journey.

How we can help you:


  • customised reporting & dashboards​
  • budgeting & cash flow forecasting​
  • finance management​
  • finance team support​
  • financial strategy​.

Tax considerations

  • Federal Taxes (Income Tax & GST)​
  • Statement Tax (Payroll Tax & Duties)​
  • employment matters​
  • tax advice​
  • R&D and grant incentives​.

Financial data

  • general purpose financial statements​
  • quarterly cash flow statements​
  • technical disclosures & papers​
  • audit management​.

Governance, compliance and outsourced solutions

  • automation & streamlining​
  • internal controls & approvals​
  • best practice processes​
  • payroll & team management​
  • reporting software​.

Specialised outsourced solutions

Cloud accounting​

The cloud is a platform to make data and software accessible online anytime, anywhere, from any device. Working in the cloud will give you a better overview of your finances and improve collaboration with your team and advisors and support applications for finance via provision of timely information. We can assist with financial management and reporting, software and processes, and regulatory compliance.​

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