Export & trade

Export & trade

The complexity of navigating various markets can seem daunting. Having the right partners to help you through different stages will ensure you can maximise your export opportunity.

There are three critical steps to success:


  • understanding the market you are entering with appropriate research and regulatory overview.
  • what are your short, medium and long-term goals, or a big issue you would like to address?


  • what does your growth funnel look like?
  • are you able to guarantee supply ongoing?  I.e. if you are successful and demand for your products is strong.


  • understanding markets, conducting research, undertaking competitor analysis, being clear on Australia’s international position and knowing the quotas for industry requires the right partners at the right time.

Assistance you may require for success:

Grants & funding

Our dedicated Grants & Incentives team can assist with your application and streamline the process with fund agreement reporting.

AusTrade’s flagship Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) is transitioning from a retrospective reimbursement to an upfront grant agreement, providing greater certainty and support for businesses that look to expand to foreign markets.

We can work with you to identify the project and your eligibility and have conversations with contacts at state and federal agencies as to the likelihood of success of your application. We have the right connections with the Big 4 Banks, non-traditional lenders in Australia and Asia and Export Finance Australia (EFIC), and through these connections we are able to assist in sourcing debt funding.

Trade Funding – specialised support with unique banking knowledge

  • banks, Non-traditional lenders, EFIC, trade invoice discounting
  • structuring your international trade to provide protections and optimise your chances of being paid
  • the role of currency choice in international trade and foreign exchange risk management
  • different considerations for Goods and Services exporters.


  • location – most appropriate provinces and cities to engage as some are more suitable for certain types of products
  • language, personal and business etiquette and culture
  • due diligence of prospective distributors
  • accessing interpreters
  • coaching on managing payment terms.

Government engagement

If wishing to export to Australia’s largest trading partner and largest consumer market, China, our team can assist with local representatives in China for the correct government body/Ministry to apply for relevant permits and work through the approvals process, eg Quarantine. Our team will work with our connections with key government bodies in Australia that can support your export needs.

Tax services

Support for your market entry strategy with business advisory and international tax structuring. This includes:

  • documentation for the establishment of entities and compliance
  • foreign exchange
  • transfer pricing advisory and compliance needs
  • global mobility services
  • tax compliance in local jurisdictions
  • support for employees regarding reporting and withholding tax
  • advice on individual tax implications.

Our team have connections with a number of well reputed logistical support organisations and work closely with various well positioned law firms suitable for all sizes of businesses.

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