Internal audit & risk advisory

Internal audit & risk advisory

Our dedicated, hands-on team have gained a market reputation in internal audit and risk advisory in supporting local government, water authorities, health entities and the tertiary education sector.

Our teams work deeply in each sector, so have an innate understanding of key risks, pressures from key stakeholders, changing legislation requirements, budgeting and finance constraints and emerging issues that require closer scrutiny.

We will always strive to foster a high level of engagement and communication between our core team and your internal audit and risk team. We aim to become an extension of your team rather than seen as an external provider.

We seek to understand your broader strategic plan to ensure that our audits and advisory work underpins the drivers for your success.

With our experience in delivering internal audit services for a significant number of State and Local Government clients and the private sector, our partner-led teams provide:

  • a fresh perspective with a focus on continuous improvement and innovation to enhance your ability to deliver on your important public purpose and strategic agenda
  • an insight into better practices from working with our diverse range of clients from different industry sectors
  • enhanced data analytics to provide you with unique insights into how you can better utilise your data to improve decision making and strengthen your control framework.

To confidently approach the future, you also need to be aware of the risks you’re facing and implement strategies for the long-term rather than just focusing on the day to day. Our risk management advisors can work with you to identify and mitigate immediate risks, but can also work with you to conduct in-depth reviews of operational and business risks, leading to a clearer picture of where the company needs to focus to reach its strategic objectives.

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