Tax Effect Accounting seminar

Tax Effect Accounting seminar


Join our 2022 Tax Effect Accounting seminar to ensure you are up to date with the key tax changes and impact of new accounting standards.

This year our online seminar was brought to you in an interactive format with SW expert Daren Yeoh, Tax Director. Hear from Daren as he provided an update on the latest in accounting for income taxes in 2022.

This seminar covered the following topics:

  • Key tax changes to take into account for 2022
  • Calculation of tax balances
  • Equity accounted entries
  • Impact of application of new Accounting Standards
  • Business combinations
  • Tax accounting for tax consolidated groups
  • Accounting for tax uncertain tax treatments.

If you are looking to automate your tax effect accounting processes look no further than CTS for Corporates.  For details please go to: Complete Tax Solutions(CTS) or contact Daren on [email protected].

CTS for Corporates automatically:

  • calculates the current and deferred tax balances
  • generates the journals required to be posted
  • generates the comprehensive AASB 112 compliant disclosure notes to be incorporated into the financial statements.

This means that the complex tax effect accounting is simplified, with the hard work being done for you.

In addition your tax return can be automatically generated and lodged.

You can watch the short videos below for the key topics covered in the Tax Effect Accounting seminar.

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