Policies & compliance

At SW we are committed to applying the highest standards of ethics and compliance in our business activities by applying relevant laws, standards and regulatory requirements.

Key policies can be accessed below:

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance practices ensure we put compliance, technical capability, people-fit and independence at the forefront of our service delivery for you.

SW has a number of stringent quality control procedures in place, exceeding the professional requirements as outlined by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. We enforce these rigorous measures to ensure that all work – irrespective of its nature – is consistently of the highest quality, reflective of our commitment to continually provide the highest standard of services to our clients.

Our quality assurance system includes:

  • A national independence and quality control methodology and manual supported by a proprietary web-based automated compliance system, which manages and documents all aspects of independence and quality assurance compliance
  • Nominated assurance technical personnel, directors responsible for development and consistent application of the audit independence and quality control methodology
  • Internal processes based on objective peer reviews to ensure quality before any deliverables, whether draft or final, are submitted to the client
  • A client feedback process with emphasis on ensuring client satisfaction
  • A continuous improvement process that encourages performance improvement observations which are then reviewed and implemented.

A peer review process that identifies whether the firm has demonstrated compliance with all relevant policies and procedures (no significant matters of concern were identified with respect to our files in our most recent review).

Supervision & review

The firm has a high partner to staff ratio, enabling regular supervision at the highest level as well as accessible guidance and assistance to all personnel.

As part of our qualification process for each engagement, there are instances when a very senior team is required to deliver the engagement to manage risk, provide expertise and do this effectively in an efficient way. As part of this process for this engagement, our determination was that a senior team would provide the best outcome and value for money.

We are committed to quality service and total client satisfaction. Adherence to our policies is monitored by a formal review process and standard engagement control procedures including:

  • each engagement is planned and that plan is documented for your approval – it includes agreed actions, scope, outcomes and staffing
  • all files are reviewed by the Engagement Partner and Engagement Manager.

Risk management

The Risk and Quality Committee is the principal senior executive management committee for the oversight of SW’s risk profile. The purpose of the committee is to assist the Board discharge its governance responsibilities for overall risk and compliance management and controlled entities.

The role of the Committee is to monitor the state of risk and compliance management on an enterprise basis and instigate any necessary corrective actions:

  • monitoring of the effectiveness of Risk and Compliance policies and framework (ISO 3100:2018)
  • oversight over the effectiveness of assurance and non-assurance engagements (Quality Control)
  • review of Risk and Compliance incidents
  • monitoring of new and emerging risks
  • meet its regulatory obligations.

Day to day management of risk is the accountability of every employee. Business Units undertake risk activities as part of this accountability. This includes implementation of the risk and compliance framework and involvement in decision making processes concerning all material risk matters.


SW obtains insurance from third parties in accordance with regulatory and professional requirements for the services we provide.


Our IT systems are kept up to date to ensure any data relating to our clients are secure. Client confidentiality is an important part of our business.

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