Probity & governance

Probity & governance

We understand that in the current climate there is an increased incentive to take short cuts when procuring services. Also given that opportunities to access work is limited, some suppliers are heavily discounting their rates just to secure work.

Whilst government agencies are required to comply with Purchasing Guidelines for various tenders, different operational conditions has required organisations to reassess their procurement practices whilst still meeting procurement Policy and procedures. In this context a risk mitigation strategy of appointing probity advisors/auditors is recommended for all tenders where there is reputational, legal and/or financial risks in the current operating environment.

Probity services encompass both advisory and audit services. As advisors, probity experts support the Procurement Manager and the Evaluation Team throughout the tender process to ensure an objective, fair and reasonable process is undertaken in the context of achieving value for money.

As probity auditors, probity experts undertake an independent audit at various points in time to ensure the procurement process has complied with probity principles. By appointing SW as your probity advisor or auditor, we can help to ensure/attest that all key steps in the procurement process are carried out in an objective, fair and reasonable manner.

Probity advisory services

As your probity advisor we will work closely with you and the organisation throughout the process to advise, review and support the team to ensure compliance with probity principles of objectivity, fairness and reasonableness.

We shall help you:

  • develop a probity and evaluation plan
  • support the evaluation team whenever you have questions
  • help you identify risks and provide solutions as required
  • support you if any complaints are made
  • provide training on good probity and procurement practices.

At the end of the procurement process we shall provide the organisation with a Probity Advisor’s Report.

Probity audit services

As your independent probity auditor we shall undertake an evaluation of the tender process in order to provide an opinion as to whether the process was objective, fair and reasonable.

Typically the audit will be undertaken:

  • at the end of the planning phase
  • at the end of the evaluation phase
  • at the end of the tender evaluation report preparation phase (prior to submission to the Project Sponsor for approval)
  • as your auditor we will engage with you throughout the procurement process to address any concerns raised by yourself or the Probity Advisor.

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