SW talks Australian stablecoins with Novatti

SW talks Australian stablecoins with Novatti


The volume of digital payments, and ownership and trading in cryptocurrency, stablecoins and other digital assets, has grown exponentially in Australia over the last few years with extreme highs in cryptocurrency values, price crashes and high profile failures as this relatively new sector develops.

Increased usage has led to a raft of new products and platforms, prompting governments and regulatory bodies around the world to review the suitability of existing regulatory frameworks and engage with industry to ensure regulation and protections are suitable.

While there are currently three types of stablecoin, Novatti has launched its Australian stablecoin, AUDD. Backed by a fiat currency – the Australian dollar – it is less volatile than other cryptocurrencies and more efficient than traditional payments methods.

SW’s Danny Armstrong sat down with Peter Cook, the CEO of Novatti, for the first of our SW Financial Services interviews on the digital asset landscape.

Peter takes us through the different types of stablecoin, the AUDD point of difference, the Stellar platform, future plans and the trade and payment benefits for exporters, importers and domestic businesses.

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