Child Safe Standards

Child Safe Standards


SW has expert knowledge and understanding of the Child Safe Standards to help ensure your organisation is satisfying the new Standards.

We have undertaken numerous independent reviews of compliance with the Child Safe Standards to assist organisations identify, check and update documents and processes to meet the new Standards.

Updates to the Child Safe Standards

Victoria introduced 11 new Standards on the 1 July 2022 which are closely aligned with the
10 National Principles. Key changes include new requirements relating to the following:

  • involving families and communities in efforts to keep children and young people safe
  • greater focus on safety for Aboriginal children and young people
  • managing the risk of child abuse in online environments, and
  • creating, managing, maintaining and disposing of records in accordance with the
    Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) Record Keeping Standards.

The Commission for Children and Young People is the overall regulator of the Child Safe Standards. Under the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005, the Commission holds legislative powers to oversee and enforce an organisation’s compliance with the Child Safe Standards.

From 1 January 2023, the requirements under the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005 will include that:

  • all Victorian organisations that provide services or facilities for children, including those that are funded and/or regulated by government are required to comply with the Child Safe Standards. 

Our experience is that many education providers will have existing polices, procedures and practices that can be adapted and extended to address the new standards. However, as a result of the changes in the Child Safe Standards, there will also be requirements to develop new policies and procedures. Our independent review of compliance with the Child Safe Standards can assist in providing recommendations to fill any gaps in current frameworks and processes.

Our industry experience

SW has expert knowledge and understanding of the Child Safe Standards and have extensive experience in assisting education providers. We have a dedicated education group with over 50 years’ experience in the education sector, remaining at the forefront of key issues and opportunities to support our clients.

Our highly experienced team provides assurance and advisory services to a number of universities, schools, TAFEs and registered training organisations throughout Australia.

Child Safe Standards Review

SW have developed a comprehensive audit program to assess compliance with the Child Safe Standards. Our review covers each element of the Child Safe Standards and provides recommendations that are developed in collaboration with management that are fit for purpose, practical and achievable.

How can SW help?

SW conducts Child Safe Standards reviews that includes the following steps:

1. Gain an understanding of the organisational accountability, systems and processes for meeting the requirements of the Child Safe Standards

2. Review documented strategic policy, frameworks and procedures relating to the Child Safe Standards

3. Review the Complaint policy and handling procedures

4. Assess documentation and processes relating to recruitment, induction and professional development for staff or volunteers

5. Assess processes relating to student enrolment, pre-assessment and induction of students under the Standards

6. Review student support services and communication resources available to support a child safe culture

7. Review the record management systems and online environment including the capture of relevant child safe activities data

8. Discuss any anomalies with relevant personnel as a part of the review process

9. Provide a detailed report providing practical recommendations to address any gaps in your current framework and processes.

Get in touch

Our extensive higher education sector experience will enable us to undertake a tailored and comprehensive Child Safe Standards independent review. We have developed a comprehensive audit program that can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. Please get in touch with our subject matter experts to discuss how we can assist your organisation in meeting the requirements of the new Child Safe Standards


Jonathan Thomas, Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services

Matthew Paull, Senior Manager, Assurance & Advisory Services

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