Optimal utilisation of Victoria’s critical medical equipment

Optimal utilisation of Victoria’s critical medical equipment


As hospitals across metropolitan Melbourne continue to grapple with the outbreak of COVID-19, fears are also growing over how the pandemic will be managed in Victoria’s regional towns.

Assessing your circumstances

Despite the integration of Victoria’s public and private health sectors, we know that many regional hospitals will find it challenging to source critical medical equipment, as well as specialist engineering resources, in the face of COVID-19.

This may also be pertinent for metropolitan hospitals as they approach a potential surge in cases.

Under these rapidly evolving circumstances, hospitals across the state will be under extreme pressure to ensure critical medical equipment, for both ICU and medical beds, is readily available where it is needed most.

Not only that, the equipment must meet stringent compliance standards and the necessary risk management obligations.

This can be an overwhelming task, particularly when time is not on your side.

Furthermore, specialist engineering resources may also become stretched, adding another layer of complexity to this unprecedented situation.

As we look to find ways to support each other during this time, we believe our specialist assistance could provide you with some much-needed peace of mind.

How we can help you

Critical medical equipment management and logistics

Our team of health specialists will be able to assist you with critical medical equipment identification, suitability, compliance checks, risk management recording and relocation.

On your behalf, we can manage the equipment redeployment process within the hospital network to both regional and metropolitan areas.

Patient ready treatment areas

We will work with your existing teams, or take the lead if necessary, to coordinate the complex engineering tasks required to ensure the allocated medical equipment is safe and ready for use within the dedicated or purpose-built patient treatment areas.

Engineering resource ready

We understand that in times of crisis resources can be stretched to their limits. Accordingly, we have a team of acute health engineers that you can draw upon for short-term assistance, as required.

Our resources span across biomedical engineering and acute health maintenance engineering and can be deployed in both regional and metropolitan areas across Victoria.

Experience that counts

Having worked in the acute health sector for over 25 years, both within Australia and overseas, we understand the importance of credentials. So, we have compiled a listing of key reference projects members of our health team have been involved in over the years. For your copy, please reach out to our specialists below.

Safety is our number one priority

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have implemented safeguards that meet Australian Government COVID-19 guidelines and our firm has taken further steps to minimise any risk of infection and impact.

Our management team meets regularly to discuss any updates or changes as they occur and we adapt our communication and approach appropriately.



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