全中文税务与会计更新讲座 | Mandarin Tax and Accounting Update

全中文税务与会计更新讲座 | Mandarin Tax and Accounting Update


Our SW experts will discuss recent significant tax and accounting changes as well as their potential impacts to you and your business. 

We have a lot to share at our final Mandarin Tax & Accounting Update for 2023.

税务与会计主题汇总 Summary of tax & accounting topics

  • 客观看待税籍 | An objective view of tax residency
  • 统一报告标准现在进行时 | The common reporting standards current and in force
  • 浅谈海外构架的基本逻辑 | Ideas that underpin overseas structures
  • 税务构架的三个角度 | Three aspects of tax structuring
  • 高净值人士个税审计的步骤与常见问题 | Steps of individual income tax audit for high-net-worth individuals and frequently asked questions
  • 会计准则与ASIC新动态以及可持续发展报告 | Accounting standards and ASIC updates and sustainability reporting
  • 税收改革 – 经合组织“支柱二”全球反税基侵蚀规则与资本弱化 | Tax Reform – OECD Pillar Two GloBE rules & Thin Capitalisation

专家团队 | Your experts

时炜淞 Vincent Shi
董事 Director

张洋 Bessie Zhang 
合伙人 Partner

秦建乐 Michael Qin
合伙人 Partner

陈泓洋 Michael Chen
高级经理 Senior Manager

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