全中文税务与财务更新讲座 | Mandarin Tax and Accounting update

全中文税务与财务更新讲座 | Mandarin Tax and Accounting update


At our recent Mandarin Tax and Accounting update, our team of experts discussed the recent key accounting and tax changes, the impact and opportunities that these changes would bring to individuals and businesses.

重点税务与财务事宜更新总汇 | Summary of key tax & accounting matters 

  • 澳大利亚税务局最新税收裁定与指导意见
    Recent Key Taxpayer Alerts & Guidance
  • 近期重大税务案件回顾
    Recap of key cases
  • 转让定价最新消息
    Key Transfer Pricing updates
  • 上期财务知识更新讲座内容回顾
    ​Previous accounting update session recap

    • 现代奴役制合规申报
      Modern Slavery Statement
    • 由2020年及2021年1月1日起生效的会计准则变更
      Standards amendments effective 1 January 2020 and 2021 onwards
  • ASIC 最新消息及其他条例变化
    ASIC update and other regulatory changes
  • 取消特殊目的财务报告
    Removal of Special Purpose Financial Reporting
  • 澳大利亚会计准则变更2020-3号 (2022年1月1日起生效)
    Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards 2020-3 (effective 1 January 2022 onwards)

专家团队 | Our experts

1907 Gradient CV Photo Bessie Zhang

张洋 Bessie Zhang
合伙人 Partner
E [email protected]

Gradient CV Photo James Ye

叶嘉 James Ye
合伙人 Partner
E [email protected]

Gradient CV Photo Leo Luan

栾万博 Leo Luan
总监 Associate Director
E [email protected]

Gradient CV Photo Neville Lin

林长春 Neville Lin
高级经理 Senior Manager
E [email protected]

Gradient CV Photo Yang Shi

施洋 Yang Shi
总监 | 转让定价专家
Associate Director | Transfer Pricing Specialist
E [email protected]

Gradient CV Photo Michael Chen

陈泓洋 Michael Chen
经理 Manager
E [email protected]

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