R&D Incentive and Government Grants webinar

R&D Incentive and Government Grants webinar


Grants and tax incentives can make the difference in getting your business to the next stage.

Our R&D Incentive and Government Grants webinar provides the insights into what kind of Government support is available to business who are looking to grow, innovate and evolve.

Our experts covered some of the basics and discussed how a tailored strategy can help identify and unlock Federal and State assistance to maximise support and elevate businesses’ projects.

Our services

ShineWing Australia has a dedicated Research & Development and Government Incentives (RDGI) team with a national presence.

Our approach cuts through complexity to maximise success and understand the heart of what our clients want to achieve.

Our R&D services include:

  • Identifying and evaluating eligible R&D activities and projects
  • Calculating eligible R&D expenditure
  • Preparing documentation for registration of R&D activities
  • Preparing the R&D Tax Schedule to claim the benefit
  • Assisting with compliance and project documentation
  • Conducting R&D training sessions.

Government grants cover a broad spectrum of industries and activities, and generally require a high level of detail in the application. Clients recognise the opportunity and value that our expertise provides to significantly improve their rate of success.

These businesses have identified several key reasons they come to us:

  • Identifying, scoping and applying can take many hours – time that is better spent on developing the business and product offering
  • We know what’s happening in the grant funding landscape, and can tailor a Government Incentives strategy to your business as you grow
  • Our Grants team can prepare high-quality applications and leverage our relationships with key government departments to maximise your chance of funding success.


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Stephen O’Flynn
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