Spotlight | Wine Export Diversification Webinar

Spotlight | Wine Export Diversification Webinar


The wine sector has been hit hard by the pandemic and changing global trade measures. We’ll be exploring the issues and opportunities for exporters of Australian Wine with real life scenarios, war stories from experts and no cliches!

Our experts from South Korea, Japan and India:

  • Explore the latest in the Australian Wine landscape with Stuart Barclay, General Manager, Marketing at Wine Australia
  • Discover the tastes, competitive landscape and export potential for Australian wines across South Korea, Japan and India
  • Provide practical tips via Q&A to make your export diversification ideas your reality.

Your guides online

Tom Mullarkey

Mark O’Callaghan
Managing Director,
Wine Network Consulting

Stuart Barclay
General Manager –  Marketing,
Wine Australia

Sneha Rao
Former Business Head & Former Brand Manager,
KRMSA Estates & Paul John Single Malt Whiskies

Makoto Shimizu
Marketing Consultant,
HOkkaido Strategic Trade and Investment Promotion Services

Sangmi Kim
Wine Writer/Educator, & Economy Chosun

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