Tim Stillwell, Partner

Tim Stillwell, Partner

Director, Business & Private Client Advisory

Tim is also a recognised specialist in gaming and hospitality. At SW, he is the leading advisor to the hotels and clubs industries and was heavily involved in advising gaming venues on the Gaming Licence Auction Process and transitional issues associated with the current gaming regime. Tim currently consults on all aspects of financial modelling, budgeting and business planning and advises on hotel acquisition and sale transactions. Furthermore, he appears as an expert witness at VCGLR and VCAT hearings for gaming expenditure analysis and financial viability assessments.

Tim also has extensive experience assisting businesses going through a transition period, be it through acquisition or divestment. His expertise in this area includes valuations, due diligence, business sale and shareholder agreements, financial modelling and tax implications arising from these transactions.

Tim has acted for a significant number of hotel and club operators in the above regard including medium and large hotel groups and various high profile sporting clubs.

Tim has a broad range of clients that engage in a number of different disciplines including property, legal, hospitality (specifically pubs and clubs), civil construction, IT, e-commerce, wholesale, retail and recruitment.

Tim is a Partner of SW Audit and a Director of SW Accountants & Advisors Pty Ltd.

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