A$DC – First Australian dollar stablecoin minted by ANZ Bank

On March 24 2022, Australian media (Eyers, 2022) reported that ANZ Bank had created a stablecoin linked to the Australian dollar to reduce risk and improve transaction speed and cost for one of its clients to purchase digital assets. This was a landmark transaction for the digital economy, as this is the first time an […]

Financial services

SW has strong financial services sector experience to deliver efficient and effective advice.  Our team has worked with many of Australia’s financial institutions and have a deep understanding of funds management, banking, insurance and financial services generally.  Our reputation has grown alongside our expertise into most parts of the financial services sector across all service lines of our business: […]

AUSTRAC assesses Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing risks for the Australian banking sector

AUSTRAC has produced four risk assessments for Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (ML/TF) in the Australian banking sector for major domestic banks, other domestic banks, foreign subsidiary banks and foreign bank branches in Australia. Following engagement with bank representatives and industry experts, and analysis of transaction reports and partner agency intelligence reports, the four new […]