Australia’s Patent Box Incentive – What are we expecting?

As we await the passing of the eagerly anticipated Patent Box legislation, SW looks at the current details for eligible medical or biotechnology patents, who can benefit from the regime, and how it is expected to encourage innovative R&D investment in Australia. It has become increasingly important for Australia to attract for R&D investment on […]

Accounting & compliance

Compliance with and lodgment of statutory documents has never been more complex, from individual tax returns through to businesses small and large. Compliance obligations apply from a wide range of bodies at various times in the year, including: Australia Taxation Office income tax returns FBT returns GST returns superannuation payments and reporting Australian Securities and […]

R&D and grant incentives

SW has a dedicated national R&D team with in-depth experience of working with the ATO and other government departments over many years, across many sectors. Our approach cuts through complexity to maximise success and services include: ​ identifying and scoping eligible R&D activities ​ preparing the R&D Application for registration of R&D activities ​ calculating eligible R&D expenditure and preparing the R&D Tax Schedule […]