Expert assistance for SIV holders

Expert assistance for SIV holders


A number of recent articles in the Australian press have discussed the liquidation or voluntary administration of several large funds that were specifically created as complying funds for the SIV program.

There are a variety of issues that people who have been impacted by these investments need to consider or action, and many have shared that they have limited time to find a solution.

ShineWing Australia has prepared a panel of experts to provide you with a full range of options, in one place, to assist you with decisions on how to move forward. Our team, and those of our partner firms, have already assisted several clients who have been affected in these matters, including:

Legal solution:
An investor approached us to discuss their legal options to recoup money that had not been returned. We advised a strategic solution through Australia’s legal system and assisted in a favourable judgement by the Supreme Court.

Visa solution:
A client had held their Subclass 188c Visa holder for 2 years before finding out recently that their Complying Fund had been breached. We immediately notified the Department of Home Affairs who granted us an extension to the 30 day investment switching rule and allowed our partner legal team to investigate the matter while the SIV holder and their family were able to continue their stay in Australia.

Our panel members will be able to help you with the following:

Migration Law servicesLegal Services
  • Complying investment breaches
  • How long has the fund been non-complying – can you get your investment back
    (30 day investment switch rule)
  • Negotiations with the Department of Home Affairs: waivers/extensions
  • Support from State Governments to assist impacted individuals and families
  • Detailed investigation into alternative visa options: further stay options and solutions
  • Visa applications
  • Preparing and attending Tribunal for migration matters     
  • Litigation
  • Class action
  • Dispute resolution
  • Real estate
  • Compliance and investigation
Tax advisoryInvestment Services
Individual tax
International Tax
Family trusts and other structures
Impact of alternative visa/residence options
Review of existing products
Advice and recommendations on replacement products
Advice and recommendations on Australian Assets

If you require assistance with one or more of the above areas, and would like to discuss your options in a private, confidential and free of charge consultation with one of our panel experts, please get in touch in one of the following ways.

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