Spotlight | Wine Tourism – The Great Reopening

Spotlight | Wine Tourism – The Great Reopening


Seize the opportunity as lockdowns ease and the new normal begins. Hear amazing consumer behavioural insights, ways to maximise the long run benefits of the tourism surge and support programs to assist.

With a national plan in place to transition Australia’s National COVID-19 Response to allow visits to regional areas, plus the festive season fast approaching, it is anticipated the wine sector will see a massive increase in sales and visits to their wineries. We’ll be exploring the issues and long-run opportunities for Australian winemakers to make it more than a sugar rush with real life consumer data and insights from a range of experts!

Join us and experts as we explore:

  • Consumer wine behaviour trends before, during and after lockdown
  • How wineries can attract visitors and convert them into long term customers
  • How wineries can create a more stable and sustainable business over the long term
  • What grants are available and how to access them.

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Tom Mullarkey
Partner, SW

Mark O’Callaghan
Managing Director,
Wine Network Consulting

Sam Morris
Director, SW

Robin Shaw
Founder & Lead Consultant,
Wine Tourism Australia

Michael Whitehead
Head of Agribusiness Insights,

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