Transfer pricing landscape and challenges | India & Australia perspective

Transfer pricing landscape and challenges | India & Australia perspective


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, we are witnessing a significant shift in the dynamics of conducting business. The uncertainties surrounding established supply chains have prompted many countries to explore alternative business locations and trading partners. India and Australia have been two popular geographical choices of cross-border business investments, with investment opportunities re-growing during the post-COVID age. It is essential to recognise the transfer pricing developments and potential transfer pricing challenges when considering doing businesses in the two countries.

Saurrav Sood, Practice Leader (SW India), Kunal Mehra, Managing Partner & Co-Founder (SW India), and Yang Shi, Transfer Pricing Director (SW Australia) discussed crucial considerations from the standpoint of transfer pricing. Our expert speakers provided insights from both the Indian and Australian perspectives. The session delivered an insight into strategies for mitigating transfer pricing risks that multinationals can adopt while embarking on business ventures in India and Australia.


Yang Shi
Transfer Pricing Director

Rahul Sanghani
Associate Director, Tax

Kunal Mehra
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
SW India

Saurrav Sood
Practice Leader | International Tax & Transfer Pricing
SW India

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