Estate Planning & Power of Attorney webinar series


Estate Planning & Power of Attorney webinar series

Join our our three-part Estate Planning & Power of Attorney webinar series.


Each session will focus on topics that are of particular importance when putting a strategy in place to deal with your assets and investments when you pass away.

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Webinar 1 (24 August 2021): 101 Estate Planning

Discover the legalities and different aspects of Estate Planning to ensure you have a solid background before we look at the variations and pitfalls of creating a Will in the world of the modern family, in session two.

Experts from SW and Burke & Associate Lawyers discussed:

  • Choosing your Legal Personal Representative

  • What assets are part of your Estate? 

  • Non-estate assets and how to deal with them

  • Overseas assets – do you require multiply wills for different jurisdictions?

  • Beneficiaries with special needs 

  • Nominating beneficiaries and superannuation - The recent case of Ashleigh Petrie and Magistrate Rodney Higgins 

  • Testamentary Trusts

  • Case study - celebrity Will disaster.

Webinar 2 (14 September 2021): The modern family and the challenge to your Will

Discover the variations and pitfalls of creating a Will in the world of the modern family before we look different aspects of a Power of Attorney and how they operate, in session three.

  • Blended families

  • Strategies to minimise risks of challenges to Will

  • Business succession

  • SMSF – Business real property leasing to related party

  • Guardianship of children

  • Establishing a charitable trust

  • Online presence

  • Case study – Joss v Joss: The successful $3.225 million challenge.

Webinar 3 (12 October 2021): Powers of Attorney

To wrap up this webinar series, our expert speakers discovered the different aspects of a Power of Attorney (POA) and how they operate.

  • Current POA under Victorian Law and what jurisdictions are they legally enforceable

  • What are the obligations of the POA and how should it be carried out?

  • How to handle discretionary support for family members

  • Things to do before POA implemented

  • What happens if you do not nominate an enduring power of attorney?

  • POA’s and SMSF – general v enduring; early release of super

  • Advanced Healthcare Directives

  • VCAT applications

  • Case study – gifts and payments to family members.


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Series speakers

Gradient CV Photo Matthew Oakey 200px

Matthew Oakey
Director, SW

Gradient photo Rohani Bixler 200px

Rohani Bixler
Special Counsel, Burke & Associates Lawyers

Gradient CV Photo Heather Dyke 200px

Heather Dyke
Associate Director, SW

Gradient CV Photo Keegan ORourke

Keegan O'Rourke
Senior Advisor, SW

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