Chris Dexter, Partner

Chris Dexter, Partner

Director, Business & Private Client Advisory

Chris has 16 years’ experience in assisting private clients and large private family groups with all of their accounting and taxation requirements. He works with SMEs and Family business groups to create plans and strategies that adapt to each individual client.

Chris brings a diverse background in accounting, advisory and financial services which allows him to provide family wide holistic solutions for collaborative investment, asset allocation and structuring for complex family groups.

Chris’ clients value how reliable and dependable he is in delivering work for them. Chris takes the time to build trust and confidence with his clients so that he can tailor his service delivery to suit each individual client. As a result of adapting to his client’s preferences and always putting them first, Chris was nominated as a finalist in the beaton Client Choice Awards for Best Accountant.

Career highlights:

  • Developing simple and complex financial strategies to help clients achieve their goals
  • Providing advice on both managing and growing family wealth to investors small and large
  • Helping SME clients develop strategies to transition business wealth to personal wealth and also transitioning that wealth between generations.

Chris is a Partner of SW Audit and a Director of SW Accountants & Advisors Pty Ltd.

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