Australia’s Patent Box Incentive – What are we expecting?

As we await the passing of the eagerly anticipated Patent Box legislation, SW looks at the current details for eligible medical or biotechnology patents, who can benefit from the regime, and how it is expected to encourage innovative R&D investment in Australia. It has become increasingly important for Australia to attract for R&D investment on […]


It’s now an everyday conversation, whether in the boardroom, the media or among employees. Sustainability is increasingly a core part of the new business reality. In a business context, it’s about understanding your competitive edge, driving innovation, examining your productivity and efficiency for gains in energy, waste and water. It is rejuvenating how and why […]

Energy: Future – ShineWing Australia Energy Series

At a time when investment and innovation are pivotal to progressing Australia’s place on the global energy stage, join us as we discuss our energy future: Key drivers and expected changes in Australia’s energy mix The role of emerging and enabling technologies The development and role of hydrogen in our future energy supply Following a […]

GRANT ALERT: Automotive Innovation Lab Access Grants

The Federal Government has announced the $7 million Automotive Innovation Lab Access Grants program. The Automotive Innovation Lab Access Grants offer funding for Australian businesses to undertake a range of activities enhancing the automotive product design and development process. A key objective of the program is to support new automotive product development and enhance business […]