Future focused technology design at SW

Future focused technology design at SW


Between August 2021 and March 2022, the SW team undertook a significant office refresh project for the Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane offices. As part of this project, the technology across locations was was redesigned for future working.

Barney Ling, Head of Information Technology at SW has compiled a detailed report on the key technology objectives and design decisions that went into the project, as well as reflections on the lessons learnt months after the project completed.

Prior to the pandemic a physical office refit had been in planning, however, the resulting disruption clarified our technology objectives and provided an opportunity to purpose build our office spaces to support hybrid working.

Our offices now not only look and feel great, but have also had a full technology uplift to support new ways of working. The technology uplift has included the following major elements:

  • Wi-Fi only office
  • Activity Based Working workstation design
  • Advanced AV capabilities to support location equity
  • A digital signage solution integrated with Teams rooms

If you are considering a similar initiative, please feel free to reach out with questions – we are only too happy to help and share our learnings.

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Barney Ling, Head of Information Technology

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