Yancoal dual listing opens doors for increased Asian investment

Yancoal dual listing opens doors for increased Asian investment


Yancoal stands to gain access to new capital and a diversified investor base across the Asian financial hub following its dual listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Australia Securities Exchange today.

ShineWing Australia’s Managing Partner, Mr Danny Armstrong, congratulated Yancoal Australia Limited (Yancoal) on the dual listing and said it was a smart move for Australia’s largest pure-coal producer to seek to grow its shareholder base with more global institutional investors.

“Yancoal’s dual listing is an excellent opportunity to boost liquidity and get access to new capital in the region,” Mr Armstrong said.

“We congratulate Yancoal on the listing and are very proud to have been their reporting accountant throughout the process.”

“It’s rewarding to be able to use our accounting expertise and regional insights to work seamlessly across mainland China, Hong Kong and Australia to assist our clients and see results like Yancoal’s dual listing.”

Mr Armstrong said ShineWing’s proven record as trusted accounting partners in regional capital raising markets reflected ShineWing’s solid regional relationships, multilingual team and international capability.

“We know businesses are keen to understand how they can tap into these markets and we’re proud of our ability to help our Australian and overseas clients extend their reach.”

“Whether you’re looking to access new investors or seeking opportunities as an Australian exporter or importer, the region can be tricky to navigate if you don’t have the right partner or experience.”

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