Steve Allan, Partner

Steve Allan, Partner

Director, Business & Private Client Advisory

Steve is a broadly experienced corporate accountant with strong credentials in developing infrastructure projects in the education sector. He advises private and public sector clients on a wide range of general corporate and commercial matters and mergers and acquisitions and has experience working within Australia, China and the Southeast Asian region.

Steve specialises in establishing overseas education campuses, financing solutions, developing innovative business models and governance and performance reviews.

Steve has worked with 35 of the 40 major Australian Universities during his career. He has strong relationships and is viewed as a trusted advisor in the sector.

For the past 12 years, Steve has assisted organisations in the education sector with the challenges associated with:

  • Budgeting and international student projections
  • Business Plans for the expansion of an organisation’s educational offerings
  • Business analytics and trend analysis across educational KPIs 
  • Divestments, mergers and acquisitions of education providers
  • Structuring entities tax effectively
  • Course and staff rationalisation assignments
  • Grant and funding application
  • Ownership structures where premises owned by education provider.

Steve has also undertaken assignments for the State Government in respect of trends in education earnings of providers has assisted in undertaking GST, FBT and Taxation health checks for a range of education providers.

Steve is a Partner of SW Audit and a Director of SW Accountants & Advisors Pty Ltd.

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