Employment Taxes update 2022

At our annual Employment Taxes update for the Not-for-profit, Government and Corporate sectors we reviewed the latest tax news and the employment taxes impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. During these webinars our tax experts provided an update on: New and topical developments including recent cases and ATO FBT compliance activity FBT recap and hot topics […]

CTS Fringe benefits tax

Are you looking for a simple and cost effective yet complete FBT software solution?  Designed by SW, CTS FBT is a simple excel based solution that takes the complexity out of completing an FBT return. With no new systems to learn, CTS FBT will require very little training and will save you hours in processing […]

Schools Tax Guide

Navigating tax matters in a changing environment can be seen as an intricate process for schools. We discuss the three key tax areas that could affect your school and explain how ShineWing Australia can assist with relieving the pressures associated with these issues. Fringe Benefits Tax Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is a complex area when […]

Employment Taxes Update 2019

ShineWing Australia invites you to our annual Employment Taxes update which outlines the latest tax news and changes. The seminar will discuss the latest tax news and changes and provide an update on the following: What’s new and recent developments FBT recap Superannuation and amnesty update SRO / OSR payroll tax activity Global mobility / […]