Webinar: JobKeeper Payment

Webinar: JobKeeper Payment


Our tax experts breakdown the Government’s JobKeeper Payment announcement in the webinar below.

With legislation announcements on 8 April 2020 on the COVID-19 JobKeeper package, we held an update on the details and how they apply to business the following morning.

We received many questions over the last week, and during this webinar we endeavoured to answer as many of these as possible.

The webinar had over 600 people online and we answered over 120 questions during the session.

In this webinar recording Daren Yeoh, Matt Birrell, Simon Tucker and Stephen O’Flynn cover:

  • Which businesses are eligible, and which are excluded
  • How to determine which of your employees are eligible
  • How to manage with stood down and rehired employees
  • Annual leave payments or entitlements
  • How to measure your businesses turnover for the relevant thresholds
  • Whether or not your business can use revenue forecasts to demonstrate eligibility
  • The application process

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How we can help

There is likely to be a lot of analysis that each business can do internally with the support of Human Resources and the Finance teams to obtain the JobKeeper Payment. But there are also a number of services that ShineWing Australia can provide in order to maximise legitimate claims and provide integrity checks on the data that will be submitted to the ATO.

If you believe that your business is eligible to receive the payment, please reach out to your ShineWing Australia expert to discuss how we can assist, including support with the following:

Turnover decrease

  • Correct classification
  • Alternative testing / rationale for ATO consideration

Data analytics

    • Employee eligibility
    • Top up payments required
    • Cash flow analysis
  • Integrity check on claims with regard to turnover
  • Applications / notifications


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