In the lead-up to the May budget, the Albanese Government has announced a major change to taxes on superannuation earnings for balances over $3 million.

Current superannuation taxes

An individual’s retirement savings, held in a complying superannuation fund, is subject to concessional taxation on earnings of income and capital gains. The extent of the tax concession on the super fund earnings will depend on whether the individual has satisfied the conditions for release – this will generally be based on your age and whether you have retired or met a condition of release. 

Individuals that are yet to satisfy their condition of release will have their superannuation fund earnings subject to tax at 15% on income. Individuals that have satisfied the super funds condition of release, and have elected to convert some or all of their super fund balance to support a pension, will not be taxed on the earnings arising on that balance.  

Importantly the balance that is tax free is limited by the transfer balance cap, which is currently up to $1.7m. Earnings arising on amounts not supporting their pension, or above the transfer balance cap, are subject to 15% tax.

Proposed changes to superannuation taxes

The government is now proposing to limit the concessional 15% tax rate to member balances less than $3m.

It is proposed that, starting from 1 July 2025, for individuals with total superannuation account balances of more than $3m, an additional tax of 15% on earnings will be charged on the balance over $3m.

Earnings on the balance below $3m will continue to be taxed at 15% or 0% depending on whether the fund is in accumulation or pension phase, whereas earnings on funds over the $3m will be taxed at 30%.

For the purposes of administering the additional 15% tax, earnings are calculated as the difference in the total superannuation balance at the start and the end of the financial year, adjusting for withdrawals and contributions.

This means that earnings will include unrealised gains.  It also means that any realised capital gains included in the earnings above $3m will potentially not attract the one third CGT discount which applies to superannuation funds.

Where a superannuation fund makes an earnings loss in a financial year, this can be carried forward to reduce the additional tax liability in future years.

Limited details are available on how this tax will be collected, but the announcement provides that:

Impact of the changes

This proposed change will impact Australians with superannuation account balances greater than $3m.

Estimates provided by the government suggest this will be around 80,000 superannuation members.

Should this change be passed into law, large and small superannuation trustees will also need to consider how their systems will operate to comply with the law.

Below is an example from the fact sheet released by the Treasury:

Carlos is 69 and retired. His SMSF has a superannuation balance of $9 million on 30 June 2025, which grows to $10 million on 30 June 2026.

He draws down $150,000 during the year and makes no additional contributions to the fund.

This means Carlos’s calculated earnings are:

$10 million – $9 million + $150,000 = $1.15 million

His proportion of earnings corresponding to funds above $3 million is:

($10 million – $3 million) ÷ $10 million = 70%

Therefore, his tax liability for 2025-26 is:

15% × $1.15 million × 70% = $120,750

How SW can help

The government is consulting the superannuation industry and other relevant stakeholders to discuss the implementation of the measure.

SW will be monitoring for new announcements and will keep you updated once more information is available.

Please reach out to your SW Partner or contact if you would like assistance determining whether you are affected by the change, or advice on structuring your superannuation account.


Rahul Sanghani

Natalie Wang

Ampol Limited, formerly Caltex Australia, has settled a transfer pricing dispute with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for $157 million.

Ampol Group (Ampol) is an Australian energy company that operates in the fuel and convenience retail sector. Its subsidiaries in Singapore (Ampol Singapore) serve as a trading and shipping arm of the group, sourcing refined products and crude oil from outside Australia to provide secure and cost-competitive supply to Ampol’s customers. Ampol Singapore functions as an offshore procurement hub for Ampol Australia and has over 100 employees as of December 31, 2022.

On 20 February 2023, it was reported that Ampol had reached a settlement with the ATO regarding the tax treatment of earnings by Ampol Singapore from transactions with Ampol Australia.

The settlement covers the transfer pricing outcomes of refined products and crude oil between Ampol Singapore and Ampol Australia from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2022. It also locks in the tax outcomes of the arrangement for future periods until 2033. The settlement also addresses how Australia’s Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) regime will apply to the profits of Ampol Singapore.

Transfer pricing is the practice of setting the price for goods and services transferred between related entities within a corporate group. The ATO has been actively enforcing transfer pricing rules to ensure that related entities within a corporate group are charging each other an appropriate price for goods and services.

The CFC regime is designed to prevent Australian companies from using offshore entities to avoid paying Australian tax on foreign profits.

Ampol tax settlement details

The settlement is expected to resolve transfer pricing issues related to Ampol Singapore’s transactions with Ampol Australia and provide clarity on the tax treatment of these transactions going forward.

While full details of the settlement are covered by confidentiality provisions, the outcomes include:

Key takeaways from the Ampol tax settlement with the ATO regarding Ampol Singapore

The ATO’s Tax Avoidance Taskforce has been focusing on offshore procurement hubs to prevent profit shifting and excessive pricing of imported goods and services in an effort to reduce tax paid in Australia.

The ATO has raised tax liabilities of $30.6 billion from large public and private groups and multinationals over the period 2016 to 2022, with the Taskforce contributing over 60% of this amount.

The number of disputes resolved via settlements has increased by nearly 10% from 2020 to 2022, with the majority of settlements occurring at pre-audit or audit stage.

The scope of ATO’s independent review in large market disputes that involve transfer pricing issues is now restricted.

Settlement can be a practical solution to reach long-term tax certainty for taxpayers, as seen in the Ampol case.

However, defensible transfer pricing policies and adequate documentation remain critical for taxpayers involving complex or material cross-border related party dealings, such as offshore procurement hubs, to mitigate potential risk of ATO’s compliance actions.

How SW can help

Taxpayers engaging in cross-border related party dealings need to ensure that their transfer pricing policies and documentation are in line with ATO’s expectations to avoid potential disputes that cost enormous time and resources of taxpayers.

With the ATO’s increasing focus on offshore procurement hubs, it is important for taxpayers to stay informed of the latest developments in transfer pricing regulations and seek expert advice where necessary.

To avoid expensive disputes and ensure your transfer pricing requirements and compliance are up to date, reach out to our global transfer pricing specialist or your SW relationship Partner.


Elena Guo

On 8 February 2023, the ATO released a new Taxpayer Alert sounding a warning to taxpayers seeking to access private company profits tax free via a scheme involving the interposition of a holding company to access company profits tax free.

The Taxpayer Alert notes that participants in, and promoters of these types of arrangements, may be subject to penalties, including promotor penalties under Div 290 of Sch 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953.

Background on Division 7A

Division 7A (Div 7A) is a far reaching set of provisions the essential purpose of which is to treat certain payments and non-commercial loans made by private companies to shareholders or their associates as a distribution of profits and therefore a deemed (unfranked) dividend.

For a deemed dividend to arise, the relevant private company must have what is referred to in the legislation as a ‘distributable surplus’ (which is very broadly profits, reserves or surplus funds from which a dividend could theoretically be declared).

What types of arrangements is the ATO looking at?

Arrangements that are flagged by Taxpayer Alert TA 2023/1 as being high risk and in the crosshairs of the Commissioner are arrangements along the following lines:

TA 2023/1 also indicates that the Commissioner would be equally concerned should a similar arrangement be entered into where the relevant shareholder is a trust, rather than an individual.  

Grounds to challenge

On the basis that arrangements such as the above exhibit a high degree of contrivance and would appear to be motivated by an objective of avoiding the application of Division 7A, TA 2023/1 notes that the Commissioner would be likely to challenge the arrangement on the following alternative bases:

How SW can help

While the circumstances at which TA 2023/1 are directed are quite specific and may not affect many of our clients, the Taxpayer Alert highlights the efforts that the ATO are applying to enforce Division 7A.

Should you have any queries in relation to this Taxpayer Alert or Division 7A more generally, please reach out to your SW contact or Key Contacts here.


Tanya Bester

Developing tomorrow’s leaders today

For the sixth year, we deliver an interactive 5-part seminar series to aspiring and emerging leaders in the Property Fund Management sector, with direct access to leading industry experts and their experience, strategic industry insights and pitfalls, and key issues ranging from structuring, debt and equity through to legal and compliance.

Facilitated by our property funds specialists, featuring content developed alongside industry, each session features practical working considerations and discussions with market leaders.

Who should attend?

  • Emerging leaders in property fund management
  • Professionals involved in the property funds industry
  • Property developers looking to move into funds management


  • Learn how to protect your business & personal assets
  • Different approaches to structuring a product
  • Identifying methods to raise debt and equity capital
  • Market trends in the different asset classes
  • Tax issues arising from different structures
  • Effective exit strategies for your investors
  • How COVID has changed the landscape

Series Program

Session 1 | Fundamentals for Success – Part 1

11 October 2022 | Melbourne

The introductory session provides a brief overview of the series structure before hearing first-hand from industry specialists the key lessons they’ve learnt, what challenged them the most, what worked, what didn’t and tips on building the right team.

Session 2 | Fundamentals for Success – Part 2

10 November 2022 | Melbourne

How do you separate your business fund from your personal assets? Learn how to protect yourself, your funds and the appropriate ownership structures recommended to protect your investment and maximise your return.

Session 3 | Fund Structuring

8 December 2022 | Sydney

You may have a plan, but do you know which fund structure will give you the best competitive advantage? The industry experts will talk you through the fund structure matrix which covers local and international equity, fee structure and more.

Session 4 | Debt & Equity

9 February 2023 | Melbourne

Everything you need to consider and what to avoid in modern-day financing. Identify both the traditional and alternative methods for obtaining funding, how to strike a deal with the banks and how best to raise your debt and equity.

Session 5 | Legal, Regulatory & Compliance

9 March 2023 | Sydney

Ensuring your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed are important for the property funds management industry. Our experts will talk you through the documentation and practical application involved in your fund set-up and provide tips on avoiding common pit-falls to ensure you stay compliant.

Event details


Hybrid event

  • In-person: delivered in either Sydney or Melbourne SW offices
  • Online nationally – for attendees outside host city via Zoom meetings


4 – 6pm, mid-month, minimising disruption to your day, week and month

Cost (exc. GST)

  • $500 per person for the series
  • $1,000 group booking for up to 3 people

Series speakers

Industry speakers
SW speakers

Simon Tucker
Director, Tax 

Rami Eltchelebi
Partner, Assurance and Advisory Services

Stephen O’Flynn
Director, Tax

Abi Chellapen
Director, Tax 

Sejla Kadric
Director, Business & Private Client Advisory 

Matthew Schofield
Director, Corporate Finance

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We are pleased to announce that, for the 5th consecutive year, SW is a finalist in the beaton Client Choice Awards Best Accounting & Consulting Firm ($50m – $200m revenue) category.

We are also finalists again for Most Innovative Firm and, in recognition of the value we place on client service, a finalist for Best CX Firm.

“A special thank you to our clients for their ongoing support and to our people, who are dedicated to delivering consistent and outstanding service and outcomes, “ said Mr Duane Rogers, CEO of SW.

“As a values-led culture, we place great emphasis on building strong and trusted relationships with our clients that aim to add value. For the past two years, our people and our clients have had to overcome many challenges together, so it’s very pleasing to receive this independent recognition of our client-first thinking and dedication to supporting our clients.

“Over the past 12 months the economy has faced shock after shock, but these results tell us professional services firms have been there every step of the way for their clients,” said Dr George Beaton, Executive Chairman of beaton.

“The calibre of entrants this year was very high, but by reviewing over 15,000 pieces of client feedback we were able to determine who is the best of the best. It is those firms who can differentiate themselves and offer superior client experience who achieve success in the Client Choice Awards.”

The Client Choice Awards recognise best practice in the professional services sector and are based on client feedback for professional services firms in Australia and New Zealand. There are no panels, judges or self-nominations, only client ratings that are independently researched by Beaton Consulting + Research (‘beaton’).  

The Awards reward firms and professional practitioners for excellent client service, expertise in clients’ areas of need, innovation and superior client experience. These are the only multi-profession and fully client-judged Awards anywhere in the world. The Client Choice Awards is now in it’s 18th year, with 250+ firms entering in 2022. Over 15,000 pieces of client feedback were used to adjudicate the awards.

“We are honoured to again be part of this highly regarded independent annual research undertaken for professional services firms across Australia and New Zealand, and wish all finalists the best for the award announcements,” said Mr Rogers. 

The beaton team is dedicated to providing professional services firms with insights and advice related to their clients and business performance.  

“Every firm that enters the Client Choice Awards is to be commended for their commitment to client feedback. These objective and independent Awards reward firms that have a culture of client-centricity and continuous improvement,” said Dr Beaton.

With the Federal election around the corner, how will the Federal Budget support Australia’s economic recovery and encourage sustainable growth?

Covid-19 continues to present significant challenges with labour shortages, supply chain issues and inflationary pressures. Australian businesses want to know how Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will tackle our economic recovery.

Join us for the 2022/23 Federal Budget Webinar where we will bring you expert insights into challenges and potential opportunities, tailored for your industry or business sector.

We will once again welcome back Catherine Birch, ANZ Senior Economist and our panel of experts hosted by Matt Birrell to share their insights and key takeaways from the Budget.

Register via the link below to find out what the budget means for you and your business.

Online registration details



Wednesday, 30 March 2022

9.30am – 11.30am

Expert speakers

Catherine Birch
Senior Economist

Matt Birrell
Director, Tax

The Board and Partners of SW (formerly ShineWing Australia) have endorsed the appointment of Partner and current Chief Operating Officer, Mr Duane Rogers, to the newly formed role of CEO effective from 1 January 2022.

Current Managing Partner, Danny Armstrong, will continue with the firm as the leader of SW’s Banking Industry Group. 

A chartered accountant by training, Mr Rogers has been with SW since 2014. He was previously an audit partner with one of Australia’s leading mid-tier firms.

“I’m excited to lead the firm through the next phase of its evolution. There will be a focus on national growth and building on our existing areas of strength, to continue to deliver value to our clients, whilst providing an engaging and flexible environment for our people,” said Mr Rogers.

“I look forward to working with the Board and our teams in bringing this strategy to life.

“It has been a privilege to work with Danny during his tenure as Managing Partner and we are extremely fortunate he will continue providing key advisory services for our clients given his strong background and experience in the Australian and Asian banking sectors and deep knowledge of export and trade,” said Mr Rogers. 

Said Mr Armstrong: “Since joining SW, Duane has been an integral leader on the SW Executive Committee as Chief Operating Officer and has supported the firm’s growth agenda. 

“He has been recognised by Partners and SW teams alike for his exceptional leadership through a global pandemic and he has been instrumental in helping design and implement measures to support the development of the firm’s new new workplace strategy as we work towards the launch of new working environments nationally.” 

SW also announced the appointment of Stephen O’Flynn as the Chair of SW. Stephen has been with the firm for 25 years. He has led the National Tax team, is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee and chairs the Financial Services Industry Group. 

He looks forward to working with Duane as he implements the firm’s strategy and will continue as a Director within the Tax group, supporting clients across the Property Funds, Education and Government sectors. 

Tax Director and Chair of the Agribusiness Industry Group, Sam Morris, steps into the role as National Tax Leader.

Each session in the series will be focusing on topics that are expected to be of particular importance for financial reporting in 2021.

Webinar 1 (18 March 2021): Removal of special purpose financial reporting

Webinar 2 (29 April 2021): Valuation of assets

Webinar 3 (27 May 2021): Financial Reporting update for 30 June 2021

Webinar 4 (11 November 2021): Financial Reporting update for 31 December 2021

Series speakers

René Muller

Tom Mullarkey

Sam Morris

Jimmy Cao
Associate Director

Brent Sheers
Senior Manager

Trent Godden-Minette
Senior Manager

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Our team of experts discussed the latest changes to Australian reporting requirements and their potential implications for preparers of financial statements.

In this webinar recording Bessie Zhang, Jimmy Cao, Tom Mullarkey, Callum Murray and Kerry McGoldrick covered the following topics:

Contact us

Bessie Zhang

E [email protected]

Kerry McGoldrick

[email protected]

Tom Mullarkey

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Jimmy Cao

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Callum Murray

E [email protected]

A number of recent articles in the Australian press have discussed the liquidation or voluntary administration of several large funds that were specifically created as complying funds for the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) program.

This is devastating news for many, and has caused a variety of issues for those SIV holders who have been impacted by these investments which that need to be considered and actioned in a timely manner. In some instances, there is little time to reorganise these affairs, and many clients have shared with us that they have limited time to find a solution.
In response to these concerns, ShineWing Australia has put together a panel of experts to assist impacted individuals to help provide them with a ‘full-circle’ solution comprising legal, migration and financial help in one place.
Seeking out qualified, registered and independent migration and investment advice is particularly important at all times. This will ensure that any conflict of interest on the advisor side is removed, and that you are being informed of options that are right for your situation before making investment choices.


ShineWing Australia has highly experienced migration agents with particular expertise in assisting clients from the Asia-Pacific region to obtain an Australian visa. We advise on many different visa classes according to individual circumstances and personal needs, including SIVs.

As Registered Migration Agents (RMA) we act independently, and we also adhere to the Code of Conduct set out by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

If you are a current SIV holder and have been affected by breaches of complying funds, and you think it may have jeopardised your visa status, we will be able to offer you a free consultation on your visa and investment status. Our services areas are listed below but we are happy to assist in other visa matters as appropriate.

Financial Services

ShineWing Australia’s Financial Planning and Debt Advisory services are provided by Authorised Representatives of ShineWing Australia Wealth Pty Ltd AFSL/ACL 236556.

When investing as an SIV or otherwise, it is important to perform sound due diligence on your intended investment target and ensure:

Managing the wealth and private affairs of business owners, families and high net worth individuals requires a deep appreciation of individual circumstances, and a detailed understanding of immediate needs and future financial objectives.

Private Clients and Wealth covers the following services:

  •  Financial Planning
  • Financial Structures

  • Investment Strategy

  • Family Office Services

  • Superannuation

  • Investment Advice

  • Personal Insurances

  • Portfolio Administration

  • Estate planning

  • Debt Advisory

  • Mortgage Broking

For an immediate response and for the services below, our panel members will be able to help you with the following:

Migration Law services

  • Complying investment breaches

  • How long has the fund been non-complying – can you get your investment back
    (30 day investment switch rule)

  • Negotiations with the Department of Home Affairs: waivers/extensions

  • Support from State Governments to assist impacted individuals and families

  • Detailed investigation into alternative visa options: further stay options and solutions

  • Visa applications

  • Preparing and attending Tribunal for migration matters     


 Legal Services

  • Litigation

  • Class action

  • Dispute resolution

  • Real estate

  • Compliance and investigation

Tax advisory

  • Individual tax

  • International Tax

  • Family trusts and other structures

  • Impact of alternative visa/residence options


Investment Services

  • Review of existing products

  • Advice and recommendations on replacement products

  • Advice and recommendations on Australian Assets

If you require assistance with one or more of the above areas, and would like to discuss your options in a private, confidential and free of charge consultation with one of our panel experts, please get in touch in one of the following ways.

SIV enquiries

Click here to contact our experts today.

Email us via [email protected].

Follow us on WeChat for the latest updates and webinars.